Black Dragon – Night Dragon – Chaos Dragon

If you were to ask me to name the colour of a Dragon, that is unlike “any other”, then I would say – a Black Dragon.  Immediately, is the connection with night-time apparent, but would such a connection be in Moonlight, Starlight or Nightmare?
Black Dragon - Night Dragon - Chaos Dragon
If Moonlight:  does this Dragon’s scales, shine this night.  Perhaps then, would this Dragon be helpful – as he helps “show the way”, on your next Fantasy Adventure, or “Treasure Quest”.  If Starlight:  does this Dragon’s eyes, shine so bright.  Perhaps then, would this Dragon point the paths to the Stars – as it is with human ambition, and “Quests of the Mind”.  If Nightmare:  does this Dragon’s Horns scare you to the bone.  Perhaps then, would this Dragon seek his torment – as he hunts you, through this “starless night”.  Running, running, through the night – his eyes fixed on you.  His towering form, sending shivers:  “down your spine”.  Calming, calming, through a starry sky – his power fixed on you.  His towering form, inspiring you: “reach for the stars”.  Guiding, guiding, through these cavernous rocks – his influence as strong as the sun.  His towering form, bringing shape:  “to these jagged rocks”.  Yet, as it is with the colour of black – his desires “cloaked in mystery”.  How would you know?  Would you look to the whites of the sky?  Would you look to the greens of the mountainous rock?  Would you find your answer, in his Dragon’s Eyes, or in his Dragon’s Claws?  For only in his Dragon’s Roar, would you find – your answer for sure!  ROAR!!!  As he sends a shiver down your spine.  ROAR!!!  As his Dragon’s Head, turns slowly to consider you.  ROAR!!!  As his Dragon’s Eyes, turn Maleficent Green, his intention is clear!  For this Western Dragon, is a Chaos Dragon, versed in the Paths of Malice.  Only then would you know, Nightmare for sure!  As for a minute, did I think of that scene from Dungeons and Dragons, that City at the Edge of Midnight, where childhood dreams, of being dragged under the bed, still hold power, in these Midnight Realms.  I froze!  For this Chaos Dragon, revels in the Powers of the Dark, Master of the Night.  For this Chaos Dragon, is a Lore onto himself, Hunter of the Darkest Soul.  For this Chaos Dragon, lives in this mountain pass, and “judges all”, that desire to pass this way 🙂


Night Fairy – Gothic Fairy

When you think of Fairies of the Night, do you think of Bad/Evil Fairies?  Or do you think of Fairies that just-so-happen to be aligned – with Moonlight and the Night?  Personally, I like to think of the second kind!  Within this “midnight hour”, did I find, just one such – Fantasy Fairy wallpaper:


If this Fairy was aligned with Moonlight:  Then her powers would grow with the “Cycle of the Moon”.  Perhaps her powers would be associated with the “Pull of the Moon” – as it “drives” the Oceans of this World?  Then could this Fairy be seen as a “guiding light”, as she helps a ship at Night!  If this Fairy was aligned with just the Night:  Then her powers may be linked with other so-called “Creatures of the Night” – such as the eternal Vampire, or the illustrious Werewolf?  Then could this Fairy be steeped in mystery, as she flies “like a bat” through the sky.  Yet, if this Fairy was aligned with both Moonlight and the Night:  Then would you have an Elven Queen – who’d shape the Foundries of your Pillow!  When you “settled down to sleep”, within this “Kingdom of the Night” – you’d find her midnight tales of “Story Time”.  Perhaps as I flicked through the Fairyland pages of a night-time tale:  I’d learn something of the “Powers and Nature” of this Fairy.  Would she be a tale of Storm:  a Thunderstorm that cuddles you – this Night?  Or would she be a starry sky:  with Dreams and Thoughts that twinkle – in this Night?  Perhaps then would your Dreams, guide you this Night.  A dazzling Fairy Queen, who beckons you – in the Fabrics of the Night!  Dressed in Black, with Darkened Wings – a Gothic Queen, who speaks to you – this Night.