Fantasy Dragons – Fantasy Elves – Eleven Dragons

If you were to ask me, to name my favourite type of Mythical Creature, then I would say Dragons ūüôā ¬†As Dragons are for me, the largest and most¬†power-fullest inhabitants of many a Realm of Fantasy. ¬†And yet, do I find that Dragons, often go hand-in-hand, with Fantasy Elves:
Dragon Elf - an Elf with her Guardian Dragon
Here did I find one such Fantasy Elf, with her trusty Guardian Dragon ūüôā ¬†I find it interesting, that she has a Dragon Tattoo on her back, which is perhaps where her Guardian Dragon sleeps,¬†through the Ages of the Elves. ¬†Her Dragon, appears to be a Western type, that I feel is aligned, with the Woodland Realms. ¬†Further to this, do I find that her Western Dragon, is aligned with the¬†Powers of the Elves; as she is a Woodland Elf, in a Forest Realm. ¬†There’s a relationship, between the colour of her Dragon Tattoo, and the colour of¬†her Eleven Eyes, which I feel, are akin to each other. ¬†I also suspect, that her Dragon Tattoo, is a Dragon Portal, to Dragon Land, where this Dragon resides, when he is not Guarding.¬†¬†But what of her Eleven Ears? ¬†These seem unusually tall [even for an Elf], and I suspect that she to, has a Guardian role to perform: ¬†a Carer of the Woods. ¬†I also feel, that there’s¬†some resemblance of shape, between the Butterflies and her Hairstyle. ¬†As these Butterflies, fly this Night, in Shades¬†of Green! ¬†Or perhaps instead, it was just her Eleven Light, that confused my Eyes; as these Eleven Folk, tend to move so quick! ¬†Flutter here, Flutter there ūüôā

What Traits Does her Eleven Dragon Have?

This Dragon is small. ¬†This Dragon is Green. ¬†This Dragon has a Tail, that’s like a Forest Whip! ¬†This Dragon is watchful. ¬†This Dragon is Patient. ¬†This Dragon has a Look, that’s like a Forest Ancient! ¬†For this Western Dragon knows well, the Paths of Woodland Nature. ¬†Be that Woodland Path, or Eleven Path. ¬†Be that Forest Path, or Fairy Path! ¬†For he’s a Guardian Dragon, with an Eastern Trait:
Dark Elf - A Guardian Elf, Spider Elf
For this Eleven Dragon is a shape-shifter, whose known to many, as Spider Elf. ¬†Their Ears are the same, their Eyes are the same. ¬†Their Look is the same, their Stance¬†is the same. ¬†For this Eleven Web she casts, in Foliage of the Mythical. ¬†For this Eleven Web she casts, in Shadows of the Dark. ¬†For could it be, that her Fantasy Dragon, is indeed a Dark Elf? ¬†That walks the Darker Side, of this Woodland Realm? ¬†Only¬†Legolas would know ūüôā