Winter Fairy – Winter Woods – Black Dragon

Winter Fairies may be found within the Woods of many a Frozen landscape – with one of my favourites, being the Fantasy Realms of Tinkerbell!  Now, I have heard that it is their Pixie Dust, that transforms an Autumn landscape – both in terms of Frost, and in terms of Snow.  But what then, would we expect of a Winter Fairy Dragon Queen?

A Winter Fairy - Riding her Horse, through Winter Woods - Whilst chatting with her Black Dragon.

A Winter Fairy – Riding her Horse, through Winter Woods – Whilst chatting with her Black Dragon.

Does she ride through the woods this Night?  With Gallop and Trotter, this Fairy Queen – Explores her Realm.  Does she talk with the wildlife this Eve?  With her ears of an Elf, and plenty of time to gossip, this Fairy Queen – speaks with her Dragon.  What does her Fantasy Dragon have to say?  Perhaps he speaks of the Winter Harvest, of an Acorn and it’s sleeping Tree?  Perhaps he speaks of an impending Snow Storm, a mighty Blizzard of which to tell his Queen?  It’s hard to say for sure, as these Black Dragons, often keep their secrets, to themselves 🙂  Although it can be said for sure, that he’s a Western Dragon, of a smaller/younger species – more of a Familiar?  In any case, in this Heart of the Woods, did I find this Fairy Queen, sitting upon her Whiten Steed.  It was a wallpaper scene, that could have been, straight from the pages of a Fairytale.  It was an Adventurer’s Quest, where I felt the need, to put my feet up, on this Cold Winters Night.  Yet here did I find an oddity:  for this Fantasy Fairy, was dressed in the Blacks of the Night, with the contrasting Pinks of a Flower Fairy?  It would seem as though this Fairy, had some power over, the Coldness of the Winter Snows?  For she is dressed, almost as though, she’s in the Heights of Summer!  Or perhaps instead, she just walks the Paths of Fairy Glamour 🙂  In any case, with the whispers of Winter, did I see this Fairy Queen, beckon her Dragon in black.  The mysterious of Fairy, with the mythical of Dragon; the delicate of Fairy, with the Gathering of Snow – I had an idea!  Perhaps this Fairy, whispered to her Dragon – Do you want to build a Snowman?  My answer is yes 🙂  But not a Snowman, along the lines of the “Bad Snowman”, that’s found within Disney’s Frozen; more a Snowman, that’s found within, the Fantasy Realms, of my Winter Gardens. For in Paths of Snow, a Winter Fairy’s Horse does Trot.  For in Paths of Snow, a Winter Fairy’s Dragon does Fly.  For in Path’s of Snow, a Winter Fairy’s Dragon Queen, does Be-spell this Winter Haven, and all that come within, her Realm of Fantasy!  And saying that, it is now time for me, to Be-Spell you:  What song should you sing to a Snowman on his Birthday?  Freeze a jolly good fellow!  Freeze a jolly good fellow!  And so say all of us!


Black Dragon – Night Dragon – Chaos Dragon

If you were to ask me to name the colour of a Dragon, that is unlike “any other”, then I would say – a Black Dragon.  Immediately, is the connection with night-time apparent, but would such a connection be in Moonlight, Starlight or Nightmare?
Black Dragon - Night Dragon - Chaos Dragon
If Moonlight:  does this Dragon’s scales, shine this night.  Perhaps then, would this Dragon be helpful – as he helps “show the way”, on your next Fantasy Adventure, or “Treasure Quest”.  If Starlight:  does this Dragon’s eyes, shine so bright.  Perhaps then, would this Dragon point the paths to the Stars – as it is with human ambition, and “Quests of the Mind”.  If Nightmare:  does this Dragon’s Horns scare you to the bone.  Perhaps then, would this Dragon seek his torment – as he hunts you, through this “starless night”.  Running, running, through the night – his eyes fixed on you.  His towering form, sending shivers:  “down your spine”.  Calming, calming, through a starry sky – his power fixed on you.  His towering form, inspiring you: “reach for the stars”.  Guiding, guiding, through these cavernous rocks – his influence as strong as the sun.  His towering form, bringing shape:  “to these jagged rocks”.  Yet, as it is with the colour of black – his desires “cloaked in mystery”.  How would you know?  Would you look to the whites of the sky?  Would you look to the greens of the mountainous rock?  Would you find your answer, in his Dragon’s Eyes, or in his Dragon’s Claws?  For only in his Dragon’s Roar, would you find – your answer for sure!  ROAR!!!  As he sends a shiver down your spine.  ROAR!!!  As his Dragon’s Head, turns slowly to consider you.  ROAR!!!  As his Dragon’s Eyes, turn Maleficent Green, his intention is clear!  For this Western Dragon, is a Chaos Dragon, versed in the Paths of Malice.  Only then would you know, Nightmare for sure!  As for a minute, did I think of that scene from Dungeons and Dragons, that City at the Edge of Midnight, where childhood dreams, of being dragged under the bed, still hold power, in these Midnight Realms.  I froze!  For this Chaos Dragon, revels in the Powers of the Dark, Master of the Night.  For this Chaos Dragon, is a Lore onto himself, Hunter of the Darkest Soul.  For this Chaos Dragon, lives in this mountain pass, and “judges all”, that desire to pass this way 🙂

Moon Fairy – Dark Fairy

I believe that it’s possible to encounter two main types of Moon Fairy – those that are associated with the “light side” of the Moon, and those that are associated with the “dark side” of the Moon.  Within this fantasy fairy wallpaper, did I encounter one such Fairy.  She whispered to me, from the “other side” of the Moon; and in doing so, did I find myself thinking “Fairy Realms of the Night”:


With the stark contrast between the whites of the Moon, and the black silhouette of this Fairy – it seems that light and dark Moon Fairies, could not be more different!  This Dark Fairy silhouette, matches the shading of the Forest and it’s Trees.  What once was calm and friendly, now takes on a new persona – shrouded in the mysteries of the Dark.  What was that sound?  The Trees creaking in the night, as a flock of startled birds – take to the sky.  What startled the birds?  The Creeping Willow “on the right”, as your imagination runs amok – “running scared” within this Midnight Wood.  But with a flutter of wings did you first notice; the butterflies of light – upon the bottom right.  But with a flutter of wings did you then notice; the Fairy in dark – as she appeared in-front of the Moon.  Both hiding in the shadows, with just an arc of Moon, thinking of this Moonlit night!  How long did you shiver?  It felt like an hour, but it could only have been – several minutes at most!  For I found myself “lost” in Fairy Glamour.  This Fairy was a contradiction!  Her silhouette in black, with moonlit Fairy Wings – that reminded me so very-much, of a garden Flower Fairy.  It was her petals that shimmered in the light of the Moon.  It was her petals that guided me this night – for she helped me to find, a path through these Woods!

Moon Fairy – Water Fairy

Two of my favourite kinds of fairies have to be both Moon and Water.  I like Moon fairies because I feel that they are associated with “guiding lights at night” – whilst at the same time being “just out of reach”.  I like Water fairies because they are associated with “ripples of fun” – whilst at the same time being “just a wave ahead”.  So, what of a Fairy that is both Moon and Water?


Could this Fairy sit upon the rocks?  I believe she could, but not like a Mermaid.  She would instead, be sitting at rest – thinking of the “starless skies” and the “mists upon the sea”.  In starless skies, would you find “kingdoms of the blue”.  In mists upon the sea, would you find “glowing of the mystic”.  Could this Fairy muse upon the sea?  I believe she could, but not like a Sailor.  She would instead, be one with the sea – knowing just where the “ripples lay” and the “tides of this time”.  In ripples lay, would you find “a quest of moonlight”.  In tides of this time, would you find the “pull of the moon”.  Could this Fairy glow with Moonlight?  I believe she could, but not like a Moonbeam.  She would instead, be a butterfly of light – knowing just where the “turns be taken” and the “flutter this night”.  In turns be taken, would you find the “arcs of fairytale”.  In flutter this night, would you find the sound of “fairy godmother”.  Could this Fairy think of you?  I believe she could, but not like a Tooth Fairy.  She would instead, be sat upon the rocks, musing by the sea, glowing in the moonlight – connecting stepping stones, of guiding light, with just-a-twist of moonlit fun:  the “Sirens of the Sea”.