Night Fairy – Gothic Fairy

When you think of Fairies of the Night, do you think of Bad/Evil Fairies?  Or do you think of Fairies that just-so-happen to be aligned – with Moonlight and the Night?  Personally, I like to think of the second kind!  Within this “midnight hour”, did I find, just one such – Fantasy Fairy wallpaper:


If this Fairy was aligned with Moonlight:  Then her powers would grow with the “Cycle of the Moon”.  Perhaps her powers would be associated with the “Pull of the Moon” – as it “drives” the Oceans of this World?  Then could this Fairy be seen as a “guiding light”, as she helps a ship at Night!  If this Fairy was aligned with just the Night:  Then her powers may be linked with other so-called “Creatures of the Night” – such as the eternal Vampire, or the illustrious Werewolf?  Then could this Fairy be steeped in mystery, as she flies “like a bat” through the sky.  Yet, if this Fairy was aligned with both Moonlight and the Night:  Then would you have an Elven Queen – who’d shape the Foundries of your Pillow!  When you “settled down to sleep”, within this “Kingdom of the Night” – you’d find her midnight tales of “Story Time”.  Perhaps as I flicked through the Fairyland pages of a night-time tale:  I’d learn something of the “Powers and Nature” of this Fairy.  Would she be a tale of Storm:  a Thunderstorm that cuddles you – this Night?  Or would she be a starry sky:  with Dreams and Thoughts that twinkle – in this Night?  Perhaps then would your Dreams, guide you this Night.  A dazzling Fairy Queen, who beckons you – in the Fabrics of the Night!  Dressed in Black, with Darkened Wings – a Gothic Queen, who speaks to you – this Night.


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