Flower Fairy – Moon Fairy – Fairy Glamour Moon

I would usually expect to encounter a Flower Fairy, at the bottom of my Fairy Garden, as I have many flowers, where I know the “Flower Fairies” live.  Thus, does this Flower Fairy, and her “Realm of the Moon”, seem somewhat unusual!
Flower Fairy - Moon Fairy
First:  the Fairy Glamour of the Moon.  As this Moon, hides something in it’s shape 🙂  Initially, the Fairy appears to be sitting, in-front of the Moon; whose “celestial body”, is represented by the circular white outline, plus blue “inner clouds”.  But soon enough, is the illusion dispelled, when you notice that her dress, “drapes over the moon” [especially in the bottom right-hand corner].  Then do you realise, that this Moon’s shape, is more of a crescent!  Second:  the Fairy Glamour of this Fairy’s Flowers.  As these Flowers, make it feel as though, she’s hinting at something 🙂  What could it be?  Just like my Fairy Garden, this Fairy is covered in Flowers.  But why would that be strange?  Unlike my Fairy Garden, here do I find just two types of flower; which appear to “match”, the colours of this Moonlit Realm.  There’s Snowdrop in “bloom”, and Bluebell “so pretty”.  There’s Snowdrop in “delicate”, and Bluebell “so bold”.  There’s Snowdrop in “pure”, and Bluebell “so right”.  For it seems to me, as though this Fantasy Fairy, carries a Wedding Bouquet!  Perhaps she will be married, to this Fairy Moon?  And in doing so, do I feel that this Fairy, is a Guardian of Moonlight, and it’s Power of the Tides.  Third:  the Fairy Glamour of her Black Cat.  As her Cat, makes me think of a Witch’s Familiar 🙂  He’s all dressed in Black, looking at me.  He’s all purring Bright, winking at me. He’s all relaxed in Content, dreaming of me.  For this Fairy, and her “Witch-y” Spells, bring “light to the dark” this Night:  tranquillity.  For this Fairy, and her “Witch-y” Spells, bring “magic to the stars” this Eve:  guiding light.  For this Fairy, and her “Witch-y” Spells, bring “bloom to the flowers ” this Eventide:  moonlight.  Perhaps this Fairy, flew to the Moon on her Witches Broom?  As her Fairy Wings, waited patiently this Night, for an answer to her question:  Marry me?  Butterfly Moon?


Amazon Fairy – Paradise Fairy

When it comes to the Heart of the Amazon, what is it that you see?  Perhaps the Densest Forest, of this Earthy Realm?  Perhaps the Lavish Colours, of this Gardeners Paradise?  Perhaps the Rainbow Glamour, of this Butterfly’s Macaw?  For if you was in Fairyland, perhaps you’d find – this Jungle Queen, of Fairy Realm.  This Fairy Queen, of Paradise Dream.  This Fairy Throne, of Jungle Power:


What did you see?  Of Jungle Flower:  An Orchid in this Jungle’s grass, two twists of colour – one Lavender, one Passion.  Of Butterfly:  An Angel in this Jungle’s vine, two specks of chroma – one Monarch, one Danaini.  Of Macaw:  A Parrot in this Jungle’s branch, two tweets of song – one Chirp, one Grin.  Of Jungle Queen:  A Fairy in this Jungle’s cove, two shades in glamour – one Garden, one Faerie.  What did she chant?  The primeval of this Jungle Realm.  The knowing of this Jungle Path.  The airing of this Jungle Wind.  The raining of this Jungle Queen 🙂  The towering of this Jungle’s Trees.  The dancing of this Jungle’s Flowers.  The moisture of this Jungle’s Dew.  The timeless of this Jungle’s Throne 🙂  The mystery of her Jungle’s Kin.  The roaring of her Jungle’s Pride.  The beating of her Jungle’s Heart.  The splendours of this Jungle Fairy 🙂  What did she mean?  Of Parrots in this Fairyland.  Of Flutters in this Fairy Heart.  This Fairy Queen, of Jungle Time.  Of Hornbills in this Fairy Realm.  Of Bathing in this Fairy Light.  This Fairy Royal, of Jungle Gem.  Of Monarchs in this Faerie Place.  Of Flicker in this Faerie Pool.  This Fairy Light, of Jungle Glow.  Of Milkweeds in this Fairy Cave.  Of Shimmer in this Faerie Wave.  This Fairy Queen, of Jungle Realm.  So I found her 🙂  In the Heart of the Amazon.  In the Heat of the Jungle.  In the Shades of the Amazonian.  In the Warmth of the Paradise.  Sat this Fairy Queen, of Jungle Breath.

Flower Fairy – Water Fairy

When you swim within this Pool, what Saplings of the Fairy?  When you play within this Lake, what Kingdoms of the Aqua?  When you chance upon this Lily, what pleasures of the Flowery?  When you dive upon the Water, what rippling of the Leafy?  When you gaze upon the Elven, what magic of the Faerie?  Dressed in White, with Purple Tint – this Fairy Bud, of Snowdrop’s Dream:


What did you see?  Of Tranquil Pool:  This Glowing Light, of Garden’s Wave – this Magic Mirror, a Fairy Lake.  Of Fairy Princess:  This Purple Royal, of Fairyland – this Fairy Queen, a Fairy Young.  Of Fairy Kin:  This Snowdrop White, of Childhood Dream – this Fairy Friend, a Best for me!  Of Fairy Play:  This Gazing Time, of True Friends Bee – this Fairy Dance, a Flute for me 🙂  What did you dream?  Of dancing through the Flowers this Day.  Caring for a Bride to Bee.  Of skipping through the Glade this Day.  Longing for a Dove to Sea.  Of gazing through the Well this Day.  Pruning for a Soul to Sing.  Of humming through the Verse this Day.  Thirsting for a Leaf so Nectar.  Dressed in White, with Water Fall – this Fairy Friend, of Play in Time.  What did they say?  Were Best of Friends.  Were Friends for Life. Playing in this, Tranquil Pool.  Were Two of Kind.  Were One of Same.  Gazing in this, Fairy Pool.  Were Buds of Flower.  Were Hugs of Petal.  Bathing in this, Fairy Cove.  Were Blue of Sky.  Were Dark of Sea.  Living in this, Fairy Realm.  What powers did they have?  Laughing of the Purest Kind.  The whispers of the Sea.  Smiling of the Purest Heart.  The rivers of the Ocean.  Longing of the Purest Gaze.  The abyssal of the Lake.  Knowing of the Purest Day.  The cooling of the Glacial.  Dressed in White, with Purple Tint – this Fairy Friend, of Angel’s Time.

Flower Fairy – Holly Fairy

When you spy upon the Ivy, what Kingdoms of the Faerie?  When you kiss upon the Holly, what Empires of the Hearty?  When you dream upon the Ivy, what shining of the Thorny?  When you sweep upon the Holly, what rooting of the Lusty?  When you pluck upon the Cherry, what twisting of the Fruity?  Dressed in White, with Golden Glow – this Fairy Wing, of Angel’s Heart:


What was she musing?  Of Fairy Garden:  This Fairy Path, of Garden lawn – this Fairy border, a Garden bed.  Of Fairy Portal:  This Fairy Ring, of Darkened grass – this Fairy frame, a Changing Bloom.  Of Fairy Lore:  This Fairy Tree, of Ancient root – this Fairy stool, a Magic power.  Of Fairy Maze:  This Fairy Quest, of Prickled bush – this Fairy light, a Labyrinth guide.  What did you dream?  Of running through the Maze this Night.  Seeking for a Guiding Light.  Of dancing through the Moon this Night.  Peeking for a Branch so Right.  Of skipping through the Vines this Night.  Looking for a Dress so White.  Of Turning through the Night this Night.  Thinking of a Heart so Bright.  Dressed in White, with Shapely Curve – this Fairy Power, of Angel’s Dream.  What did she say?  I’ll test your Soul.  I’ll test your Strength.  Sitting on this, Holly Leaf.  I’ll test your Love.  I’ll test your Heart.  Sitting on this, Ivy Tree.  I’ll test your Spirit. I’ll test your Patience.  Sitting on this, Clover in Green.  I’ll test your Self.  I’ll test your Love.  Sitting on this, Cherry in Red.  What happened next?  Embracing of the One for me.  The parting of the Ivy.  Holding of the One for me.  The riding of the Holly.  Guiding of the One for me.  The climbing of the Ivy.  Settling of the One for me.  The rooting of the Holly.  Dressed in White, with Bluish Eyes – this Fairy Ring, of Angel’s Song.

Flower Fairy – Lavender Fairy

When you gaze upon the Sky this Night, what Reddish Glow – of Midnight Time?  With rolling waves, and thunder clap – this Fairy Mistress, casts her Spell 🙂  When you spy upon the Clouds this Eve, what Reddish Tint – of Moonlight sight?  With velvet sheets, and silver line – this Red Haired Lady, Purple Queen!  As within, Bewitching Hour – dreamed Fairy Queen, of Lavender:


What was she guarding?  The entrance to her Precious Moon.  The entrance to her Celestial Body.  In Fairy Dream, thought Pillow Talk – with twists of pink, this Lilac Flower.  In Fairy Glamour, wore purple haze – with twists of Joy, this Violet Bud.  In Fairy Hold, two twists of Fate – with glint of Lust, this Tulip red.  In Fairy Realms, this Moonlight shone – upon this Fairy, and thy Lavender Moon.  What did you muse?  On Lavender Moon:  the beating Heart, of Fairy Realm – thy Tidal Force, of Fairy’s Pool.  On Lavender Flower:  the precious Gem, of Fairy House – thy delicate Rose, of Fairy’s Charm.  On Lavender Lust:  the powerful Well, of Fairy Desire – thy seductive Dream, of Fairy’s Curve.  On Lavender Spell:  the Pixie Dust, of Fairy Wand – thy calming Nature, of Fairy’s Look.  What did she Desire?  Of flowering bud:  An Orchid in her Fairy Garden.  A Violet in her Fairy House.  A Lilac in her Fairy Cove.  Of garden dream:  A Passion in her Heart once more.  A Springing in her Step again.  A Buzzing in her Stems of fun.  Of something new:  The Tingle of a Precious Touch.  The Breathless of an Endless Kiss.  The Sweeping of thy Power of Love.  Of something meant:  The pitter-patter in her Fairy House.  The loving nature in her Fairy Home.  The endless gaze of Fairy Tale.  This Fairy Queen, of Garden Flower.  This Fairy Queen, of Lavender.  This Fairy Queen, of Loving smile 🙂

Flower Fairy – Butterfly Fairy

When you wander, in the Woods this Day – what Golden Glow, of Autumn Time?  With flitter wing, and flitter by – this Tortoiseshell, Madam Butterfly 🙂  When you amble, in the Woods this Light – what Golden Rays, of Spring in Time?  With whispered beat, and gentle by – this Painted Lady, Queen Butterfly!  As within, this Forest Vine – mused Fairy Queen, of Garden Rose:


What was she doing?  She sat upon, this Forest swing.  Thinking thoughts, of you and me!  In Fairy Garden, found whitened Rose – with twists of yellow, this Amazone.  In Fairy House, draped apricot – with twists of Rose, charm Buff Beauty.  In Fairy Tree, with swinging Vine – red and yellow, thy Joseph’s Coat.  To Fairy Home, with yellow Seed – flew Painted Lady, Copper Tone.  What did you feel?  An Autumn breeze:  with gusts of Wind, this Fairy Cove – gold in Leaf, sheltered by Tree.  A Summer’s sun:  with heats of Ray, this Fairy Dream –  yellow by Dress, hidden by Trunk.  In Luscious Lips:  with thoughts of Me, this Fairy Came – brightened my Day, secluded by Maze.  In Flutter Heart:  with thoughts of You, this Fairy Light – happy in Time, entwined by Vine.  What did she Dream?  Of Fairyland:  In flying home, upon this Wind.  Of Garden’s green, upon her Wing.  Of Journey’s End, at Rainbow’s Run.  Of Fairy Lane, to Fairy Home 🙂  Of Butterflies:  In Orange Tip, and Holly Blue.  Of Speckled Wood, and Meadow Brown.  Of Marbled White, and Swallowtail.  Of Clouded Yellow, and this Monarch 🙂  Of Woodland Rose:  In April Moon, and Bailey Red.  Of Bubble Bath, and Gypsy Sue.  Of Golden Gate, and Carefree Beauty.  A Magic Dragon, and of Mermaid!  This Fairy Queen, of Garden Rose.  This Fairy Queen, of Butterfly.  This Fairy Queen, of Garden smiles 🙂

Butterfly Fairy – Flower Fairy

When you look at your garden in the Summer, have you ever wondered how it is – that your flowers begin to Bloom?  There are those that say that it is – by “Sun and Rain”.  There are those that say that it is – by “Bird and Seed”.  But I suspect that the “Powers of Summer” – reside within this Butterfly Fairy (and her wallpaper):


With the Butterflies in red:  Came the love of this garden.  The Rose coloured buds, on either side of a path, that leads to Fairy “stepping stones”.  It was with a walk along this path, that I first saw this – Garden Fairy.  With the Butterflies in blue:  Came the calm of this garden.  The Bluebell coloured buds, on either side of the rocks, that surround this Fairy “water fall”.  It was with a glance at the rocks, that I next saw this – Garden Fairy.  With the Butterflies in green:  Came the nature of this Fairy Garden.  The Fern coloured leaves, to be found on the rising branches, of this – “Fairy Tree”.  It was upon this “Mound of Green”, that this Garden Fairy, first spoke to me!  What was it she said?  Nothing at all!  For it was within her eyes, that she spoke to me:  of gentle Soul, and loving Nature – she’d caught my eye.  She danced on this Lawn, of Fairy Arch – and as she did, she Fluttered my Heart.  She dressed in the Fairy, with Pearls of Desire – a Golden top, that Hugged to the Vine.  The smoothness of Skin, so soft to the Touch.  The strength in my hands, protected this Fairy.  With Love in our Hearts, she somersaulted “so” Joy!  Through Fairy Maze, this Garden grew – a Fairy House in Butterfly Lane, no Glamour here – just Buds in the Bloom.