Fire Dragon – Western Dragon

Western Dragons are huge ill-tempered beasts, that dwell in Caves and are the nemesis of many a “would be” Adventurer.  On one such adventure, within these Fantasy Realms, did I encounter such a beast!  A Guardian Fire Drake of the North:
Fire Dragon - Western Dragon - Dragon's Hoard
First, did I notice:  this Dragon’s eyes.  Two gems of yellow, in contrasting red, that locked on me, with Dragon’s rage.  Second, did I notice:  this Dragon’s stance.  With two steps forward, one clenched fist, it’s head inclined, a Dragon’s bulk – fixed on me!  Third, did I notice:  this Dragon’s Hoard.  With golden coins, and chests of treasure, a mountain pile, of Dragon’s wealth.  If I was an adventurer, could this Dragon’s Hoard, be my – nemesis?  It’s golden coins, made by Fire.  It’s chests of treasure, made by Kings.  It’s mountain pile, the “countless years”.  This Dragon’s wealth, spoke in Fire!  Two nostrils fuming – with reddened scales, two horns in bone – with highlight white.  This Fiery Dragon, guards his Cave!  Of stalactites, and plunging depths – with golden glow, and Earthly call.  If I was an adventurer, could this Dragons Cave, be my – rest in place?  Last, did I notice:  the fallen Heroes, about his feet.  Just skeletons remained, of once “mighty” Warriors.  Last, did I notice:  the fallen Swords, still held in grasp.  Their sharpened edge, now – “lay in vain”.  Last, did I notice:  this Dragon’s War Cry.  His “heart of rage”, determined eye, that brought me forward, with much desire 🙂  Only then, did I foresee, Mighty Smaug, in all his form?!
Fire Dragon - Western Dragon - SmaugBorn of Western, Born of Malice, mighty Smaug spoke to me:  “It’s MY Dragon’s Hoard”!  A Dragon’s Spell, that I was under?  A Dragon’s Wealth, before my Eyes 🙂  A Dragon’s Wrath, spoke in Fire!  For this Knight’s Adventurer, knows just too well, where to find, these Western Dragons:  they live in books, they live in artwork, they live in films, they live in games, they live in role play, they live in Caves!


Fantasy Dragons – Two Worlds Apart – Fire and Ice

Within Realms of Fantasy, do I find that I like, the concept of opposing themes.  That is perhaps, just something more, than Good verses Evil.  For in Worlds of Fire, and Worlds of Ice, come two of my favourite Fantasy Dragons, that are “Worlds Apart” 🙂
Fire and Ice Dragons - Duelling Dragons
Here do we find the concept of a Fire Dragon, together with the concept of an Ice Dragon.  It is with the idea of two “Duelling Dragons”, that I find myself wondering, what if?  Assuming that you could find a Fantasy Plane [where two such Mythical Creatures could fight], then it seems to me, that the Fire Dragon, would gain the advantage!  My logic:  Fire melts Ice and turns it to Water.  And yet, if Ice Dragon was “totally large”, then too much Water, would quench Fire.  Yet assuming, that both Dragons had matching Scales/Dragon Armour [to their Dragon Power], with just the ability to breath Fire and Water [one Power each]; then I feel that two such Dragons, would be equally matched.  My logic:  Fire and Ice cancel each other out [assuming that the Dragon breathes met].  And yet, if Fire was akin to the Paths of the Warrior, and Water was akin to the Paths of Emotion, then I suspect, that this would result in a “steamy confrontation”.  Perhaps a Waterfall, of an Emotional Ride!  As it was, when I last rode, that Duelling Dragons theme park ride 🙂  And to the winner?  Perhaps the Taunt of a Dragon?  Or perhaps, the Reign of a Dragon?  Goes the Dragon’s Hoard!  A Palace in Fire, with Foundations in Ice.  A Kingdom in Passion, with Foliage in Cool.  My Logic:  I’m a Dragon, and I am both Fire and Water 🙂

Dragon Key – Dragon Girl

There are those of us, that bear the Mark of the Dragon.  We feel it in our Blood.  We know it in our Hearts.  It’s a driving passion, that steers us through these Quests.  It’s in my Adventurous steps.  It’s in my Dragon War-cry.  It’s in the Eyes of my Soul.  It’s a guiding presence, that Wars-away this Rock.  It’s in this Mountainous Climb.  It’s in the Glint of my Eyes:


For I am a Dragon!  Built powerful and wise.  For I am a Dragon!  Built elegant and dream.  For I am a Dragon!  Tattooed in Ink.  Keys to the Gate.  This Western Dragon of I!  What of the Dragon in You?  Armed of Talon.  Armed of Fang.  Coloured in black, with Moonlight of Night.  Aligned with the Dark, but not of the Evil.  Aligned with the Moon, but not of the Day.  Aligned with Desire, but not of the Foolish.  This Dragon knows – the Temperance of Time.  This Dragon knows – the Riddles of Calm.  This Dragon knows – the Power of a Laugh.  What of the Dragon in Spirit?  It was Forged in the Earth.  It was Forged in the Fire.  A Ruby in Red, this Dragon’s Desire!  It was Made in the Dark.  It was Made of the Light.  A Gemstone in White, this Dragon’s Allure!  It was Rent of the Roots.  It was Clawed of the Slope.  A Crystal in Green, this Dragon’s Supreme!  This Dragon’s Hoard – the Passion of Fight.  This Dragon’s Hoard – the Valley of Calm.  What of the Dragon in Key?  With Claws for Rend.  With Talons for Fight.  A beat of his Wings.  Come forth of I!  With Armour for Touch.  With Velvet for Bed.  A jump of his Kin.  Surge forth of I!  With Calmness of Eye.  With Warring of You.  This Dragon and I – One of the Same!

Golden Dragon – Dragon Hoard

They say that in the Hottest Fires, can you find a Dragon’s Heart.  But if you find a Dragon’s Heart, what will you find upon this – Lick of Flame?  Full of Passion and of Power – Full of Lust and of Hug!  A Dragon’s Heart, a Dragon’s Wealth.  This Dragon’s Hoard, of Golden Charm:


This Dragon’s Claws, in Penny Moor – this Dragon’s Eyes, Gleam so More 🙂  Knighted in this Kingdom Pure, Driven forward – a Trustful Sword.  With Bag of Gold, a Treasure Chest – with Twinkle Gem, a Purple Sheet?  In this Cavern, felt so Deep – Glowing Gems, of Twists in Time.  A Dragon’s Hoard, of Golden Coin.  A Dragon’s Hoard, of Precious Gem.  A Dragon’s Hoard, of Meant to be.  Did this Dragon – notice you?  Of course he did!  The Guardian of a Heart so Fresh, Full of Joy – and much Desire.  The Keeper of a Touch so Right, Full of Promise – and of Tingle!  The Master of a Sword so Deep, Full of White – and Precious Hold.  This Dragon’s Cave, a Sheltered Wing.  This Dragon’s Cave, a Luscious Bed.  This Dragon’s Cave, a Golden Leaf.  What of this – Dragon’s Heart?  In Strength of Gold, with Ruby Red – a Treasured Gem, of Tribal Chest.  In Heightened Sense, with Rosewood Red – a Single Jewel, of Precious Fun.  In Powerful Hands, with Tuscan Red – a Steamy Crown, of Something Rare.  This Dragon’s Power, of Scribe in Verse.  This Dragon’s Power, of Hoarded Gold.  A Whirlwind Pool, of Dragon Might.  A Whirlwind Pool of Dragon’s Kiss.  A Rainbow Run, of Dragon Arms.  A Rainbow Run, of Dragon’s Lust.  A Guarding Strength, of Dragon Quite.  A Guarding Strength, of Dragon Trust.  This Dragon’s Power, Seduce in You.

Fire Dragon – Forest Dragon

If you ventured into a Forest’s Woods at the “turn of autumn”, then perhaps you may find yourself thinking – just whose “lick of flame” are these?  For if you was a Squirrel, then it’s possible, that you may find the “furnace” of this Forest Fire.  Upon one such Adventure, did I find myself – within the “orange haze” of this fantasy wallpaper.  In the blanket of this “tinder box” did I meet, this Forest Fire Dragon:


This Dragon was as I expected a Dragon to be:  for it’s traits were of a Western nature; who appeared to be “perfectly at home”, within this Forest of Fire.  A Forest Fire that left no doubt within my mind, as to who it was that breathed this Fire – for flames flicked around this Dragon’s teeth.  It’s body was “scaled in darkness”, thick armour plates that glowed in the colours of this Fire.  It’s tail was long and curled, appearing as a “whip” – as this Dragon nestled in the barren.  This Dragon’s wings were “bathed in red”, as if a “shield of fire” – helped guard this Dragon and his hoard.  What was the Dragon looking at?  It seemed to me that this Dragon, was looking at the “burnt out stump” of a fledgling tree.  Perhaps it was, that this Dragon – admired his “handy work”.  For in orange brown, did the Trees of this Forest – appear to be ablaze.  The grass of this Forest, writhed in the heat; as the wind of this Forest, turned up the heat.  At it’s heart sat the Dragon, and the wisdom of Fire!  For it was indeed, that this Forest Fire Dragon, had a “wink in his eye”.  The browning of the autumn leaf.  The crackle of the autumn leaf.  The blanket of the autumn leaf.  For it was foreseen, that this Dragon – helped drive the nature of this Wood:  from summer sun to autumn gold.

Forest Dragon – Tree Dragon

If you ventured into a Forest’s Woods at the “turn of spring”, then perhaps you may find yourself thinking – just whose “green fingers” are these?  For if you was a Deer, then it’s possible, that you may find the “architect” of this Woodland Spring.  Upon one such Quest, did I find myself – within the “greener shores” of this fantasy wallpaper.  In the “green of the leaves” did I meet, this Forest Tree Dragon:


This Dragon was unlike any that I’d seen before:  for it was “less Eastern more Western”; but with several “woodland traits”.  This Dragon’s wings reminded me, of a “forest curtain”.  This Dragon’s scales reminded me, of “creeping vines”.  This Dragon’s body reminded me, of “oaken wood”.  This Dragon’s head reminded me, of a Western Dragon; but with a twist, for this Dragon’s horns, seemed reminiscent of a Forest Stag!  Thus did I encounter, this Dragon and his “fairy glamour”.  What was the Dragon doing?  It seemed to me that this Dragon, concerned himself with “Forest Tasks”.  Wrapped around this Oaken Tree, a “busy bee” of Springtime “change”.  The gold of the autumn leaf, the green of the sapling bud.  The gold of the autumn tree, the green of the pasture new.  The wind of the autumn breeze, the “fairy wand” in emerging Spring.  What was the Dragon growing?  It seemed to me that this Dragon, concerned himself with the “Tree of Life”.  Growing from this Oaken Tree, a “worker bee” of “Forest Furnace”.  The painting of the leaves so new; in shades of green – with twists of Elven.  The laying of the grass so soft; in blades of green – with hints of Sun.  The spreading of the seed so fine; in grains of brown – with bud in Sight.  For in this Woodland Home – I found this Dragon and his Seed:  Wise of Eve and Green of Adam.

Autumn Dragon – Eastern Dragon

If you ventured into a Forest’s Woods at the “tide of autumn”, then you may be correct in thinking – that this is indeed a “Magical Place”.  For if you was a wanderer, then it’s possible, that you may find the foundry of a Mythical Realm.  Upon one such Quest, did I find myself – within the golden lands of this fantasy wallpaper.  With the “change of the seasons” did I meet, this Forest Dragon:


I’d heard of Dragons before, but this Dragon seemed different; when compared to the “standard traits” of an Eastern Dragon.  Whilst this Dragon was still “long and serpentine”; it’s talons, scales and snout – whispered more of bird!  With a glance upon it’s feet, did it’s claws appear to be:  more at home “upon a perch”, than upon this cobbled path.  It’s twirling whiskers, and glowing eyes:  tweet of Owl, and “Speak the Wise”.  What was it the Dragon said?  The gold of the Leaves and the bark of the Trunks.  The gold of the Grass and the brown of the Boughs.  The shelter of the Canopy and the arch of the Trees.  For in this Woodland Lair – did this Dragon “dwell alone”.  What was it the Dragon meant?  A thousand years within this Kingdom:  fall of Leaf and fell of Trunk.  A timing of the perfect moment:  shimmer Grass and glowing Bough.  A hidden place within this Forest:  with sheltered Canopy and armoured Tree.  For in this Woodland hour – did this Dragon “guard alone”.  What was it the dragon guarded?  The entrance to these Woods – from daylight sun to autumn shade.  The bridge across this River – from pastures light to autumn’s gold.  The path along these Woods – from cobbled start to leafy sea.  For in this Woodland Realm – I found this Autumn Dragon:  Wise of Owl and Tide of Change.