Fantasy Dragons – Two Worlds Apart – Fire and Ice

Within Realms of Fantasy, do I find that I like, the concept of opposing themes.  That is perhaps, just something more, than Good verses Evil.  For in Worlds of Fire, and Worlds of Ice, come two of my favourite Fantasy Dragons, that are “Worlds Apart” 🙂
Fire and Ice Dragons - Duelling Dragons
Here do we find the concept of a Fire Dragon, together with the concept of an Ice Dragon.  It is with the idea of two “Duelling Dragons”, that I find myself wondering, what if?  Assuming that you could find a Fantasy Plane [where two such Mythical Creatures could fight], then it seems to me, that the Fire Dragon, would gain the advantage!  My logic:  Fire melts Ice and turns it to Water.  And yet, if Ice Dragon was “totally large”, then too much Water, would quench Fire.  Yet assuming, that both Dragons had matching Scales/Dragon Armour [to their Dragon Power], with just the ability to breath Fire and Water [one Power each]; then I feel that two such Dragons, would be equally matched.  My logic:  Fire and Ice cancel each other out [assuming that the Dragon breathes met].  And yet, if Fire was akin to the Paths of the Warrior, and Water was akin to the Paths of Emotion, then I suspect, that this would result in a “steamy confrontation”.  Perhaps a Waterfall, of an Emotional Ride!  As it was, when I last rode, that Duelling Dragons theme park ride 🙂  And to the winner?  Perhaps the Taunt of a Dragon?  Or perhaps, the Reign of a Dragon?  Goes the Dragon’s Hoard!  A Palace in Fire, with Foundations in Ice.  A Kingdom in Passion, with Foliage in Cool.  My Logic:  I’m a Dragon, and I am both Fire and Water 🙂


Dragon Fight – Dragon City

There be those that Forge their Kingdoms in a Mountain.  There be those that Forge their Kingdoms in a Chasm.  There be those that Forge their Kingdoms in the Skies.  Dragon Kings – who no longer sleep in Slumber!  There be those that Forge the Elements.  There be those that Forge this Fantasy Land.  There be those that Forge this Dragons Fight:


In this Fantasy Land, did the Dragons battle!  Forged in stone, and forged in Mountain – came Amethyst Dragon.  Forged in heat, and forged in rent – came Phoenix Dragon.  Forged in clouds, and forged in sky – came Serpent Dragon.  It was a Quest for battle, in this Fantasy duel!  Three warring Kingdoms, no greener plane.  Three clouded visions, no morning Sun.  Three duelling Masters, no word of peace.  Upon this Fantasy Plane, would their grievances – be settled.  Amethyst Dragon:  no you may NOT drink from the Waters of this Mountain.  Phoenix Dragon:  no you may NOT harness the Fires of this Furnace.  Serpent Dragon:  no you may NOT harvest the Lightening of this Storm.  In Powers of Three, did the Dragons meet.  Amethyst Dragon:  clad in Rock, and clad in purple – Strongest Bite; no chance for flight.  Phoenix Dragon:  clad in Fire, and clad in orange – Burning Bite; no shield for deflect.  Serpent Dragon:  clad in Rumble, clad in yellow – Poisoned Bite; no Kingsfoil for cure.  In this Fantasy Tale, did the Dragon’s Triumph.  Walls in stone, Foundations strong – the rising of a Mountain Power; Amethyst Dragon – bit deep!  Sides in lava, Sills in flat – the eruption of a Magma Power;  Phoenix Dragon – hot to touch!  Clouds in vapour, Horizons turbulent – the rearing up of a Bestial Power;  Serpent Dragon – lethal blow!  And to the victor?  A Dragon City, a Dragon’s Hoard!