Fantasy Dragons – Two Worlds Apart – Fire and Ice

Within Realms of Fantasy, do I find that I like, the concept of opposing themes.  That is perhaps, just something more, than Good verses Evil.  For in Worlds of Fire, and Worlds of Ice, come two of my favourite Fantasy Dragons, that are “Worlds Apart” 🙂
Fire and Ice Dragons - Duelling Dragons
Here do we find the concept of a Fire Dragon, together with the concept of an Ice Dragon.  It is with the idea of two “Duelling Dragons”, that I find myself wondering, what if?  Assuming that you could find a Fantasy Plane [where two such Mythical Creatures could fight], then it seems to me, that the Fire Dragon, would gain the advantage!  My logic:  Fire melts Ice and turns it to Water.  And yet, if Ice Dragon was “totally large”, then too much Water, would quench Fire.  Yet assuming, that both Dragons had matching Scales/Dragon Armour [to their Dragon Power], with just the ability to breath Fire and Water [one Power each]; then I feel that two such Dragons, would be equally matched.  My logic:  Fire and Ice cancel each other out [assuming that the Dragon breathes met].  And yet, if Fire was akin to the Paths of the Warrior, and Water was akin to the Paths of Emotion, then I suspect, that this would result in a “steamy confrontation”.  Perhaps a Waterfall, of an Emotional Ride!  As it was, when I last rode, that Duelling Dragons theme park ride 🙂  And to the winner?  Perhaps the Taunt of a Dragon?  Or perhaps, the Reign of a Dragon?  Goes the Dragon’s Hoard!  A Palace in Fire, with Foundations in Ice.  A Kingdom in Passion, with Foliage in Cool.  My Logic:  I’m a Dragon, and I am both Fire and Water 🙂


Dragon Fight – Dragon Knight

Some may say that a King’s Army – has little to fear.  Others may say, that a King’s Army – is fear itself.  Yet others may say, that a King’s Army – cannot be conquered!  And so perhaps, that may be true.  But within this Fantasy Land, it is not!  For within this Fantasy Land, there lives a Dragon – whose Armour, is as hard as Rock:


It was upon a Day of Destiny, that a King’s Army – met this Dragon.  At the Forte of a Castle, in the Greens of the Wood.  At the Falls of a River, in the Rocks of the Flow.  A Dragon came, to test the might – of this Army and his Knight.  With Spear and Throw.  With Crossbow and Shoot.  These are the weapons; that these Knight’s did choose.  With Sword and Thrust.  With Snare and Hold.  These are the weapons; that these Knight’s did wield.  In Battle Steel, with Capes in Red.  In Command of King, with Iron of Will.  This Army came!  In Thick of Hide, with Powerful Wings.  In Teeth of Talon, with Grinning Bite.  This Dragon came!  What of the Knights?  They held their Stance.  They aimed their Lance.  They fought this Dragon, the best they could!  A circle of Knights, from all-around.  A Mythical Beast, for Bow and Cross.  They fired their volleys!  What of the Dragon?  He held his ground.  No arrow pierced.  He beat his wings.  No sword could bite.  He lashed his tail.  No stance could hold.  Frederick fell!  He bit through snare.  He reared so high.  With powerful flick.  Did Robin fly!  What of this – Dragon’s Fight?  All day for Knight.  Our Knights did fall.  All lunch for him.  Our Army no more!  No chance for King.  No Castle could Keep!  A Mountain of Rock – this Dragon of Rent!

Dragon Knight – Dragon Steed

They say that in the Steepest Rocks, can you find a Dragon’s Armour.  But if you find a Dragon’s Armour, what will you find – within these Plates of Steel?  Full of Battle and of Dragon – Full of Talon and of Roar!  Dragon’s Gorge, a Dragon’s Forge.  This Dragon Steed “clad-full” of Battle Dragon:


I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of Battle Dragons!  Imagine a Western Dragon, that’s already powerful beyond belief; and yet, becomes transformed when adorned in Dragon Armour.  No longer would such a Dragon – have to fear, a Dragon’s Claws, nor Longbow’s Arrow.  Swathed in Armour, deflecting blows.  Swathed in Plate, hard as Ice.  Swathed in Blacksmith, hot as Fire!  A Skilful Steed, upon this Knight.  A Dragon’s Army, upon this – Precipice!  I speak of Battle Dragon.  A Formidable Force, with Glowing Eyes.  A Dragon’s Roar, with Shiver to my Spine.  A Dragon’s Grip, with Strength in his Arms.  A Dragon’s Tail, with Bite in his Barb.  A Dragon’s Wings, with Sky to his Eyes.  A Dragon’s Pose, with Flight to his Mind!  I speak of Knight.  This Dragon’s Keeper, Might of Steel.  This Dragon’s Keeper, Cape of Red.  This Dragon’s Keeper, Shield of Fire.  In Darkest Night, these Clouds of Rain.  In Blackest Sky, these Crows of War.  In Grey-est Heavens, two Paths in Light – a Silver Tongue, Precipice and more!  I speak of Element.  This Dragon’s Fire, quashed for now.  This Dragon’s Air, quite for now.  This Dragon’s Water, quenched for now.  This Dragon’s Earth, braced for now.  BUT! Brace for Hurricane!  This Dragon’s Fire, burning bright.  This Dragon’s Air, rushing by.  This Dragon’s Water, ripped a path.  This Dragon’s Earth, braced for rent.  This Dragon’s Spirit “War-Cry” of Battle Dragon.  Up and up, did this Dragon – soar!