Flower Fairy – Lavender Fairy

When you gaze upon the Sky this Night, what Reddish Glow – of Midnight Time?  With rolling waves, and thunder clap – this Fairy Mistress, casts her Spell 🙂  When you spy upon the Clouds this Eve, what Reddish Tint – of Moonlight sight?  With velvet sheets, and silver line – this Red Haired Lady, Purple Queen!  As within, Bewitching Hour – dreamed Fairy Queen, of Lavender:


What was she guarding?  The entrance to her Precious Moon.  The entrance to her Celestial Body.  In Fairy Dream, thought Pillow Talk – with twists of pink, this Lilac Flower.  In Fairy Glamour, wore purple haze – with twists of Joy, this Violet Bud.  In Fairy Hold, two twists of Fate – with glint of Lust, this Tulip red.  In Fairy Realms, this Moonlight shone – upon this Fairy, and thy Lavender Moon.  What did you muse?  On Lavender Moon:  the beating Heart, of Fairy Realm – thy Tidal Force, of Fairy’s Pool.  On Lavender Flower:  the precious Gem, of Fairy House – thy delicate Rose, of Fairy’s Charm.  On Lavender Lust:  the powerful Well, of Fairy Desire – thy seductive Dream, of Fairy’s Curve.  On Lavender Spell:  the Pixie Dust, of Fairy Wand – thy calming Nature, of Fairy’s Look.  What did she Desire?  Of flowering bud:  An Orchid in her Fairy Garden.  A Violet in her Fairy House.  A Lilac in her Fairy Cove.  Of garden dream:  A Passion in her Heart once more.  A Springing in her Step again.  A Buzzing in her Stems of fun.  Of something new:  The Tingle of a Precious Touch.  The Breathless of an Endless Kiss.  The Sweeping of thy Power of Love.  Of something meant:  The pitter-patter in her Fairy House.  The loving nature in her Fairy Home.  The endless gaze of Fairy Tale.  This Fairy Queen, of Garden Flower.  This Fairy Queen, of Lavender.  This Fairy Queen, of Loving smile 🙂


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