Flower Fairy – Butterfly Fairy

When you wander, in the Woods this Day – what Golden Glow, of Autumn Time?  With flitter wing, and flitter by – this Tortoiseshell, Madam Butterfly 🙂  When you amble, in the Woods this Light – what Golden Rays, of Spring in Time?  With whispered beat, and gentle by – this Painted Lady, Queen Butterfly!  As within, this Forest Vine – mused Fairy Queen, of Garden Rose:


What was she doing?  She sat upon, this Forest swing.  Thinking thoughts, of you and me!  In Fairy Garden, found whitened Rose – with twists of yellow, this Amazone.  In Fairy House, draped apricot – with twists of Rose, charm Buff Beauty.  In Fairy Tree, with swinging Vine – red and yellow, thy Joseph’s Coat.  To Fairy Home, with yellow Seed – flew Painted Lady, Copper Tone.  What did you feel?  An Autumn breeze:  with gusts of Wind, this Fairy Cove – gold in Leaf, sheltered by Tree.  A Summer’s sun:  with heats of Ray, this Fairy Dream –  yellow by Dress, hidden by Trunk.  In Luscious Lips:  with thoughts of Me, this Fairy Came – brightened my Day, secluded by Maze.  In Flutter Heart:  with thoughts of You, this Fairy Light – happy in Time, entwined by Vine.  What did she Dream?  Of Fairyland:  In flying home, upon this Wind.  Of Garden’s green, upon her Wing.  Of Journey’s End, at Rainbow’s Run.  Of Fairy Lane, to Fairy Home 🙂  Of Butterflies:  In Orange Tip, and Holly Blue.  Of Speckled Wood, and Meadow Brown.  Of Marbled White, and Swallowtail.  Of Clouded Yellow, and this Monarch 🙂  Of Woodland Rose:  In April Moon, and Bailey Red.  Of Bubble Bath, and Gypsy Sue.  Of Golden Gate, and Carefree Beauty.  A Magic Dragon, and of Mermaid!  This Fairy Queen, of Garden Rose.  This Fairy Queen, of Butterfly.  This Fairy Queen, of Garden smiles 🙂


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