Golden Dragon – Dragon Hoard

They say that in the Hottest Fires, can you find a Dragon’s Heart.  But if you find a Dragon’s Heart, what will you find upon this – Lick of Flame?  Full of Passion and of Power – Full of Lust and of Hug!  A Dragon’s Heart, a Dragon’s Wealth.  This Dragon’s Hoard, of Golden Charm:


This Dragon’s Claws, in Penny Moor – this Dragon’s Eyes, Gleam so More 🙂  Knighted in this Kingdom Pure, Driven forward – a Trustful Sword.  With Bag of Gold, a Treasure Chest – with Twinkle Gem, a Purple Sheet?  In this Cavern, felt so Deep – Glowing Gems, of Twists in Time.  A Dragon’s Hoard, of Golden Coin.  A Dragon’s Hoard, of Precious Gem.  A Dragon’s Hoard, of Meant to be.  Did this Dragon – notice you?  Of course he did!  The Guardian of a Heart so Fresh, Full of Joy – and much Desire.  The Keeper of a Touch so Right, Full of Promise – and of Tingle!  The Master of a Sword so Deep, Full of White – and Precious Hold.  This Dragon’s Cave, a Sheltered Wing.  This Dragon’s Cave, a Luscious Bed.  This Dragon’s Cave, a Golden Leaf.  What of this – Dragon’s Heart?  In Strength of Gold, with Ruby Red – a Treasured Gem, of Tribal Chest.  In Heightened Sense, with Rosewood Red – a Single Jewel, of Precious Fun.  In Powerful Hands, with Tuscan Red – a Steamy Crown, of Something Rare.  This Dragon’s Power, of Scribe in Verse.  This Dragon’s Power, of Hoarded Gold.  A Whirlwind Pool, of Dragon Might.  A Whirlwind Pool of Dragon’s Kiss.  A Rainbow Run, of Dragon Arms.  A Rainbow Run, of Dragon’s Lust.  A Guarding Strength, of Dragon Quite.  A Guarding Strength, of Dragon Trust.  This Dragon’s Power, Seduce in You.


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